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I am depressed and wasting my Life by watching Por…

ByAnubhav Sharma

Apr 18, 2024

note: names & places are changed

Aman is a regular college guy Pursuing a B.Tech in 3rd year at a reputed private university. Aman is a talented footballer and used to be captain of his school team. Aman wanted to continue his Dream of becoming an ‘Indian Ronaldo’ but his parents wanted him to clear JEE exam & become an engineer to settle down with a stable job and career as no one takes football seriously here as a career forget football except cricket no one takes any other sports seriously.

when Aman came in 10th standard his father stopped him from playing football. Aman tried to convince his dad to let him play football he was idle at first but as a typical Indian parent, his father made a condition that “if he’ll study hard & gets a minimum of 90% marks” then only he could continue playing football. Aman was an average backbencher but was very dedicated to football so he worked so hard & got 92% don’t know how only he knows the best 😉

Aman continued his love the football in 11th standard too but again his parents’ expectations were high his father told him to get admission in JEE coaching then only he could play football. Aman didn’t want to but was still admitted to Khota coaching.

time passed & Aman worked hard and got 94% in the 12th board ( don’t know how he could he is average). now real tension begins aman was tired off to study & wanted to just focus on football nothing else in opposite his parents now wanted him to concentrate on his studies only.

Aman tried & but now his parents didn’t want to discuss it to further. His father told him football ain’t any career definitely & said you’re not school boy now & get serious “paroge likhoge banoge namwab kheloge khudoge ho jaoge kharab”.

Aman couldn’t do anything now & tried for JEE but failed miserably (now that I call Average guy). but his wanted him to become engineer is permanent so he had admission in nerd group of education(name changed).

now in nerd group Aman still wanted to play football but now but father excused him & said he couldn’t crack JEE so just focus on study.

Aman couldn’t take it anyomore and he wanted to “an escape” that escape he found in porns😅 he just started with one in the day then 2-3 & so on…by porno he got addicted on more addictions attached to porns which is masturbation.

At start Aman used to play with his Little freind often then he got to shake 5 times a day on average.

earlier the porn & fapping is the escape for Aman to get away with all the tension n frustration. Now the escape becomes a web of depression where Aman got stuck.

This actions affect him negatively. Now Aman’s become an introvert rarely socialize. Now neither he can concentrate on studies nor on Sports.

if Aman could have tried waited for sometime he could find an opportunity to play football as well can study like before.

now Aman asked me how to overcome porn addiction to control hazardous habit of regular masturbation.

so there are multiple ways to stop porn addiction & stop fapping.

1 Stop using the phone more often

2. try to spend more time with family

3 hangout with freinds.

4. Try not sleep alone

5. try to reduce numbers😉

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