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China expressed displeasure over Taiwanese Foreign Minister giving interview to Indian media, said- do not give platform to spread lies


Mar 3, 2024
Taiwan Foreign MinisterTaiwan Foreign Minister

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu recently gave an interview to an Indian TV channel. Now China has objected to this. The Chinese Embassy in India said on Saturday, “Because of the Indian media, Taiwan has got a platform to advocate its independence and spread lies in the world.”

China said- “This is against the One-China policy, it will not be accepted.” Responding to China’s statement, Taiwan said – “India and we are two independent democratic countries. Neither of them is a puppet of China, who will follow its orders. Instead of bullying China in front of other countries, it should act on its own. But attention needs to be paid.”

China said- There is only one China in the world, Taiwan is our part

Earlier, the Chinese Embassy had said in its statement – “One-China policy means that there is only one China in the world. Taiwan is our part. All the countries which have diplomatic relations with China should respect our policies.” Will happen. The Indian government also officially supports the One-China policy.”

The Embassy further said- “We appeal to the Indian media to take the right stance on issues related to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Adhere to the One-China policy, do not give platform to Taiwan’s independence sentiments and send wrong messages. “Avoid sending it. This will have a negative impact on the people of the country and the world.”

Earlier in September 2023, 3 former Indian Army officers had visited Taiwan. China had expressed objection to this also. He advised India not to increase defense partnership with Taiwan.

What has been India’s stand regarding Taiwan?

According to senior journalist Palki Sharma, in 1950, India was one of the first Asian countries to recognize China. After this, there was no formal contact between India and Taiwan for 45 years. There was a deadlock between the two countries. Taiwan’s attitude towards India was also not very positive.

Taiwan stuck to its One-China policy, with Taipei as the center of power. Its position on Tibet and the McMahon Line was exactly the same as that of China. He had deep relations with America, but he did not have much interest in countries like India.

But, India’s foreign policy changed in the 1990s. It adopted the Look-East policy, due to which it tried to enhance relations with Taiwan and Taiwan also responded well. Unofficial embassies were established in 1995. By the beginning of the 21st century, India’s relations with China had entered their best phase.

Prime Minister Vajpayee had returned from a successful visit to China. India’s priorities once again shifted away from Taiwan. Some sporadic efforts were made after 2008, when Taiwanese ministers visited India, but these were limited to getting to know India. The big boost came in 2014, when Prime Minister Modi invited Taiwanese representatives to his swearing-in ceremony.

Modi had a political belief about Taiwan and earlier also he had taken the initiative to build relations with Taiwan. In 1999, Modi visited Taiwan as BJP general secretary. In 2011, as Chief Minister of Gujarat, he hosted the largest Taiwanese delegation to India. Even as Prime Minister, he maintained relations with Taiwan. However, India has never recognized Taiwan as a separate country.

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