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Baltimore: Ship Collides with Baltimore Bridge, Bridge Collapses into River

ByAnubhav Sharma

Mar 26, 2024
Baltimore bridge collapse

“A large ship carrying containers collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, United States on Tuesday morning. After the collision, a large part of the bridge collapsed into the water.

Local media reports suggested that several vehicles and people were present on the bridge at the time of the accident. Many cars and people were seen in the water.

Reuters reported that the Baltimore Fire Department expressed concern about the significant loss of life and property due to the collapse of the bridge. A rescue operation is underway in the river. The construction of this bridge over the Patapsco River was completed in 1977.

Kevin Cartwright, the communication director of the Baltimore Fire Department, told Reuters, ‘We received several calls around 1:30 am on the emergency service 911 that a ship collided with the bridge in Baltimore, causing it to collapse.

At present, there is a possibility of significant loss of life and property in this accident, and we are currently searching for seven people in the river.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott has also been informed of the bridge collapse and assured that emergency services are working at the scene. The Francis Scott Key Bridge is an important transportation link in the Washington Metropolitan Region, connecting George Town in Washington, D.C. to Rosslyn in Arlington, Virginia.

This bridge is dedicated to Francis Scott, who wrote the national anthem of America. The length of the cargo ship is reported to be 948 feet. After the collision, the ship also sank.

The video of the accident is viral on social media, showing the ship colliding with the bridge. After the collision, the ship catches fire, and gradually, a part of the Francis Scott Key Bridge sinks into the river.

The length of this bridge is reported to be 3 kilometres (1.6 miles). The ship named Dalí had the flag of Singapore. The ship is said to belong to Grace Ocean Private Limited, whose management was with Synergy Marine Group.”

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