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‘Trust in Modi is a guarantee of betrayal’ Rahul Gandhi raised questions on the Indian Railways system, said – taken it away from the poor


Mar 3, 2024

The bugle of Lok Sabha elections 2024 can be sounded at any time, a round of counter-attacks has started between the ruling Narendra Modi government and the opposition parties, meanwhile, Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi has made a major attack on the central government. .

‘Showed the poor the dream of flying on an aeroplane’

Rahul Gandhi said – ‘Hawai Chappal’ people had the dream of traveling by plane, Narendra Modi is taking away the ‘Garibon Ki Sawaari’ railways from them.

Amidst 10% increase in fare every year, loot in the name of dynamic fare, rising cancellation charges and expensive platform tickets, people are being lured by showing the picture of an ‘elite train’ on which the poor cannot even step foot.

The government has collected ₹3,700 crore from senior citizens in the last 3 years by snatching away the exemptions given to them.

Common man trains are made to stand wherever they are for the train selected for publicity. Poor and middle class passengers have been left out of railway priority.

To increase the number of AC coaches, the number of general coaches is being reduced, in which not only laborers and farmers but also students and employed people travel. The production of AC coaches has also been increased to 3 times that of normal coaches.

In fact, ending the tradition of presenting the Railway Budget separately was a conspiracy to hide these ‘exploits’.

Railway policies being made keeping only the rich in mind is a betrayal of 80% of India’s population that depends on railways.

Trust in Modi is a ‘guarantee of betrayal’.

Let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi is currently on Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, his journey started from Mumbai Manipur, which will end in Mumbai.

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