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It’s the Birthday Of India’s Silent Freedom Fighter, Father of ANDHRA PRADESH

ByAnubhav Sharma

Mar 15, 2024
father of andhra pradesh

Today is the Birthday of India’s silent Revolutionary & say Father of state of Andhra Pradesh, Potti Sreeramulu Born on March 16, 1901, in Padamatipalli, Madras Presidency, British India ( now Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh, India)

India’s silent Revolutionary

In the annals of India’s struggle for independence, certain names shine brightly, while others, equally significant, remain obscured in the shadows. One such figure is Potti Sreeramulu, whose silent yet profound activism paved the way for one of the most significant socio-political transformations in Indian history.

Adhrent of Gandhi

Potti Sreeramulu was a man of simple means but profound conviction. Unlike the flamboyant leaders of his time, Sreeramulu chose a path of silent resistance, firmly believing in the power of non-violence and perseverance. He was Adhrent of Gandhi & was imprisoned for participating in the 1930 satyagraha.

fast for Dalit

He undertook three fasts, from 1946–1948, in support of Dalits to enter holy places, such as the temples of Nellore & etc…

Sreeramulu’s journey towards activism began during the Indian independence movement, where he actively participated in various protests and movements, always advocating for the rights and dignity of his fellow countrymen. However, it was his unwavering commitment to the cause of linguistic equality that truly set him apart.

linguistic rights

In the years following India’s independence, Sreeramulu became increasingly disillusioned with the neglect of the Telugu-speaking population in the Tamil-dominated Madras Presidency. Determined to secure linguistic rights for his people, he embarked on a remarkable journey of self-sacrifice.

In October 1952, Potti Sreeramulu commenced a hunger strike, demanding the creation of a separate Andhra state. Despite facing immense pressure and criticism, he remained resolute in his convictions, fasting for an astonishing 58 days.

End of sreeramulu Rise of Andhra

Tragically, on the 56th day of his fast, Potti Sreeramulu breathed his last breath. His sacrifice sent shockwaves across the nation, igniting widespread protests and catalyzing political action. Within months, the Indian government acceded to the demands for linguistic reorganization, leading to the formation of Andhra Pradesh on October 1, 1953.

Potti Sreeramulu’s legacy endures as a testament to the power of individual determination and sacrifice in the pursuit of justice. Though his name may not be as widely recognized as some of his contemporaries, his silent revolution reverberates through the pages of Indian history, reminding us that true change often begins with the quietest of voices.

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