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Yadav and Bhumihar didn’t get place in Bihar cabinet, NDA sidelined both castes


Mar 15, 2024
Bihar Cabinet ExpansionBihar Cabinet Expansion

Various types of discussions were going on in Bihar regarding cabinet expansion. Today NDA’s Nitish government put an end to those discussions. A total of 21 ministers from JDU and BJP were administered the oath of office and secrecy. 9 ministers from JDU quota and 12 ministers from BJP quota took oath. There is a hot market of discussions regarding the caste of these ministers. It is being said that BJP has also not expressed confidence in Yadav and Bhumihar castes. More or less, this is the condition of JDU. Bhumihars and Yadavs have not got place even in JDU quota. Where BJP distanced itself from the Bhumihars by making Vijay Kumar Sinha the Deputy CM. At the same time, Nand Kishore Yadav was made the Speaker of the Assembly.

Yadavs sidelined

The most important thing is that BJP has given place in the cabinet to five members of the Legislative Council. This is something to think about in itself. If we look at BJP’s social justice approach, BJP has not given place to any Yadav from its clan as a minister. That means Yadav’s cards have been wiped clean. Not only this, BJP has not even paid attention to its core voters. No MLA from Bhumihar caste has taken oath as a minister. Earlier Jeevesh Kumar had become a minister. This time his name is not in this list. Only the face of Vijay Kumar Sinha is visible as a Bhumihar leader. However, it is also being said that BJP has prepared this list keeping in mind the Lok Sabha elections. But Bhumihar and Yadav are missing from this list.

What is BJP’s equation?

If we pay attention to the names of BJP ministers and their caste, then Renu Devi (Nonia) is extremely backward, Mangal Pandey (Brahmin) upper caste, Nitish Mishra (Brahmin) upper caste, Neeraj Kumar Singh (Rajput) upper caste, Nitin Naveen (Kayastha) Names of upper caste and Dilip Jaiswal (Vaishya) backward communities are included. Apart from this, the names of Santosh Singh (Rajput) upper caste, Janak Ram (Chamar) Dalit, Kedar Prasad Gupta (Vaishya) backward, Hari Sahni (Mallah) extremely backward, Krishna Nandan Paswan (Paswan) Dalit and Surendra Mehta (Kushwaha) backward have been named as ministers. Are included in the list. Bhumihar and Yadav have not found a place anywhere in this. Overall, the share of Yadavs in Bihar BJP is visible with Nand Kishore Yadav as the Assembly Speaker. Deputy CM Vijay Kumar Sinha is included as the Bhumihar face.

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