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why does a film made of Hundreds of crores turn out to be Race3

ByAnubhav Sharma

Mar 18, 2024
KGF vs adhipurush

South Indian movies: The craze for South Indian cinema is blooming around not just in India but the world post the success of Bahubali. Earlier it was only Bollywood which used to represent the Indian

Bollywood = Indian cinema

Cinema. Earlier for foreigners Bollywood = Indian cinema thanks to Legendary actors like Raj Kapoor & king of Romance Srk( Shahrukh Khan)

Now they(SIMI) have a good range of markets so producers too starting to invest in South Indian Projects more. Big budget means the director can get the best resources like Artist, VFX, music & Sets then it’s up to the Director how to utilise them.

Sometimes even with the budget some directors failed to deliver good films.

So have you ever wondered why a film made of Hundreds of crores turns out to be #Race3 ;-)?

There are many people involved in making a film other than the Actors if something Lacks will marks its impression on the movie the error could be minor & unnoticeable or it can be  the big like whole as Gadar twice ek error Katha

The error can be


Writing is the sole of the movie if the movie is pizza it’s the script the recipe of the movie & the screenplay is the base of that Pizza. either you use the wrong recipe or the wrong base Your Pizza will fail no matter how many expensive ingredients you use.


Let’s continue with the Pizza. So if the movie is the Pizza then Director is the Chef. If the chef is inexperienced or knows only to make certain types of dishes except pizza then again it will be a failure.

So like Pizza if the Director is inexperienced or has experience but only in a particular genre or knows certain genres but the genre of the film/project like Rohit shetty has experience to direct action and comedy but can be good in horror too that’s not surety.

Sometimes a good director can deliver the Best outcome with minimal resources or budget or say good director can make a Monkey act like a star. That’s how you get some superstars 😉

For example there is a successful  Director who made many romantic Blockbusters he might be experienced but lacks the experience to make an Action movie


Actors are like ingredients of the movie if you add the wrong ingredients it’s not gonna work. Some actors are good but if put the wrong actor for the wrong role or you put the wrong star cast who couldn’t sync with each other will have a big impact on the outcome.


Sometimes it’s a producers who destroy his film by over-interfering in film. Sometimes a producer gets a script and makes some edits on their own.

They interfere in Direction. Even forcing the Director to sign a Particular star whether he/she is fit for the role or not doesn’t matter

Sometimes they want to add every masala which worked for other films and put that in together for surety of film success but sometimes it’s sucks to put everything in one like some farmhouse Pizzas 🙂

Sometimes it’s hard for the budget to provide the best resources for the movie


Superstars or stars are like cheese on Pizza which attracts the audience to theatres definitely but sometimes it makes them egoistic.

There are many stories we heard or still go viral. When a director asks for a retake the Hero/heroine resists and humiliates the director for asking them for a retake like they are gods and can’t make mistakes.

It’s just about the ego some stars interfere in script, direction & even post-production.

Also  the  Fees of the superstars

We have some big-budget movies which lack basic VfXs cause half or more budget was fixed as fess of that superstar. The recent or best example was adipurush.


There are some directors, Stars & producers who made it with big budgets & delivers the best

The producer who knows finance & has vision can get the work done in Bollywood we can say it’s Kjo(Karan Johar) for Brahmastra & even Promote the Bahubali Hindi version.

Actors like Ranbir Kapoor who gave his time had a cutoff in his fees for Brahmastra so that makers could use the budget for other important things like VFXs needed to deliver an epic like that.

We hope to see our Indian cinema grow more & compete with other film industries like Hollywood which got a wider fan or customer base.

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