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Housefull 2 completed wholesome 12 years Zarine Khan said remembering the Film

ByAnubhav Sharma

Apr 7, 2024
housefull 2

The film ‘Housefull 2’ has completed its 12 years since release, and Zarine Khan has once again showcased her experience in directing comedy films. After portraying a princess in the period drama ‘Veer,’ it was the actress’s first attempt at the comedy genre.

In the film, Zarine effortlessly portrayed the role of JLO. She received praise for her impactful presence alongside her glamorous Bollywood heroine avatar.

She made a lasting impression with her small yet significant role as JLO in the film, which earned an estimated collection of 186 crores worldwide and achieved success at the box office. It was one of the highest-grossing films of 2012.

Speaking about the film, Zarine said, “‘Housefull 2’ is very close to my heart. Joining such a successful franchise with a stellar cast right after my debut film was a fantastic opportunity. So, I feel fortunate. At a time when people tend to forget a film immediately after its release weekend,

this film stood the test of time and still entertains audiences today. Being a part of such a film is no less than a blessing, which has brought laughter to the audience.”

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