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Is Munmun Dutta Really Going To Marry Raj Anadkat or It’s Just

ByAnubhav Sharma

Mar 13, 2024

 Do Babita ji is really getting married with Tapu ? these are like questions roaming around on Internet on Wednesday. The rumours of  TMKUC actors Munmun Dutta aka Babita Ji and Raj Anadkat aka Tapu getting secretly engaged took the internet by storm. As per the reports, the co-stars had secretly exchanged rings in a private ceremony in Vadodara in the presence of their family

The rumours

The report, that was widely circulated through the day, claimed that the two had been dating for a few years. Previously, when the rumours cropped up in 2021, Munmum and Raj had denied them via their social media posts.

But, the actors have now dismissed these rumours and said that there is no truth to this.

Munmun dutta said this news was fake n fabricated

Raj anadtak also reacted to the reports and shared a statement on his Instagram stories. He wrote, “Hello Everyone, Just to clear things up, the news you’ve been seeing on social media is false and baseless. Team Raj Anadkat.”

‘COOKED UP’ stories 

Raj wrote, “To everyone, who has been constantly writing about me, THINK of the repercussion that can happen in my life because of your ‘COOKED UP’ (false) stories and that too about my life without my consent. All the creative people out there please channelise your creativity somewhere else it will be helpful to you. May God bless them with good sense.”

Women are constantly AGE SHAMED

Munmum dutta  wrote, ““To the general public, I had far better expectations from you. But the filth that you have showered in the comment section, even from the so called ‘Literate’ ones proves how regressive society we are. Women are constantly AGE SHAMED, SLUT SHAMED, MOM SHAMED, at the cost of your humour. Whether your humour drives someone to the edge of a mental breakdown or not, is never you concern.

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