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Haryana Women’s Commission hearings for nine different cases “the broker exploited the woman”

ByAnubhav Sharma

Apr 19, 2024
haryana women commission

In Faridabad, the office of the Haryana Women’s Commission held hearings for nine different cases, including domestic violence, harassment, disputes between spouses, etc. Interestingly, a case emerged where a woman was deceived into obtaining a fake widow pension due to collusion between brokers and municipal officials. Shockingly, the broker exploited the woman for nearly one and a half years.

During the lengthy hearing, Renu Bhatia, the chairperson of the Women’s Commission, worked on reconciling two such couples while counseling. These couples had been experiencing ongoing tensions and arguments for a long time.

Cases of domestic violence, harassment, disputes between spouses:

Renu Bhatia, the chairperson of the Haryana Women’s Commission, stated that a total of nine cases were heard at the Faridabad office. These cases involved domestic violence, harassment, and disputes between spouses. Some of these cases were successfully resolved by the commission. Additionally, one case involved a woman from Faridabad who was deceived in the name of a widow pension.

Widow pension while the husband is alive:

Upon careful examination of this case, it was revealed that the affected woman had intended to secure a pension for her daughter, but a widow pension was obtained in her name instead. Surprisingly, the woman remained unaware of this widow pension for nearly one and a half years. What’s astonishing is that to obtain a widow pension, the death certificate of her husband and a cremation ground slip were required. Now the question arises as to how she managed to obtain a widow pension when her husband is alive.

Fraudulent widow pension leading to further exploitation:

It is evident that a major scam is being perpetrated in the pension department. Renu Bhatia revealed that the broker who arranged the woman’s pension had been blackmailing her and had physical relations with her for nearly one and a half years. Moreover, the attention of this broker then shifted to the woman’s daughter, leading to a dispute between them. Subsequently, the broker filed a complaint against the woman, alleging that she was receiving a widow pension despite her husband being alive.

Collusion between officials, employees, and brokers:

Renu Bhatia stated that the issue of pensions is very serious, with a large network of brokers and employees actively involved. This not only involves financial scams but also leads to exploitation of women. She said that this is just one case that has come to light, and more cases may emerge after further investigation.

She appealed to the daughters of Haryana to come forward without fear and lodge their complaints with the Women’s Commission if they are facing any kind of exploitation. She mentioned that several pieces of evidence have been received by the commission in this case. Based on this evidence, further investigation will be conducted, followed by appropriate action. Meanwhile, during counseling, a couple revealed that their home had been reunited again as a result of counseling by the Women’s Commission today.

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