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Vande Bharat Metro Set to Run from May Learn more…

ByAnubhav Sharma

Apr 4, 2024
vande bharat metro

India’s first Vande Metro train will be seen running on railway tracks from May onwards. The first prototype will be ready by the end of April. The 16-coach Vande Metro train, with 70% of the work complete, has been unveiled by Rail Coach Factory GM Srinivas.

It is noteworthy that GM Srinivas is the architect of the Vande Bharat Metro train design. The construction of the Vande Metro train is progressing rapidly under his skilled leadership in the RCF.

GM claimed that the first rake would be deployed on the railway track in May. He said that the first prototype would be ready for testing by the end of this month.

The construction of 12 coaches has been completed, which are in the shop for interior decoration, and the factory has completed over 70% of the work on 16 coaches for the first construction.

After this, these coaches will be placed for testing by the railways. After that, they will be sent for service on the Indian Railways’ tracks.

Nine new Vande Metro trains are to come

GM said that during this financial year, the work of 09 new Vande Metro trains would be completed. The Vande Metro train, designed on the lines of Vande Bharat, India’s first indigenous semi-high-speed train, will cover a distance of 250 kilometres for intercity travellers.

He said that the Vande Metro train would be similar to Vande Bharat. It will be a 16-coach train with a maximum speed of 130 km per hour.

Capacity to carry 280 passengers

It is noteworthy that this train will be useful for intercity travel. He said that each coach would have the capacity to carry 280 passengers. This will include 100 seated and 180 standing passengers. A total of 4,364 passengers will be able to travel comfortably on the entire train. With the arrangement of seating of three types of benches, maximum passengers will be helped to enjoy a comfortable journey.

Detection of fire and smoke will be possible with 14 sensors

While enhancing passenger communication, Vande Metro coaches will be equipped with a passenger talk-back system to communicate with the train driver in emergencies. Each coach will be equipped with a fire and smoke detection system with 14 sensors. Wheelchairs and accessible toilets will be available for the convenience of the disabled in the coaches. He said that the train would be equipped with a collision system, which is an important measure to prevent collisions.

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