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whether you should Buy an ev or not

ByAnubhav Sharma

Mar 11, 2024
Tata Harrier ev

We are here in 2024 & Ev’s are booming in the market as alternative of cruide based vehicles n source of green & clean energy Globally. But For commonmen ev also One of best alternative Afforable option as even cost of others fuel options like petrol, diesel n even Cng is gone too High. Running Cost of Ev is the Least.

India is no longer behind the indian govt is also encouraging the Automakers for ev’s. The Home grown Automakers like Tata motors is leading India’s Ev’s market with Their Affordable ev’s like Tata tiago ev, Tigor ev & most selling electric car in India the nexon ev.

Ev’s has Pros then cons too

  • Ev Costs high then petrol/diesel version of same vehicle
  • charging time
  • no of charging stations availability of charging station across the country.
  • In short it’s difficult to take an ev across the country.
  • Limited Range for Affordable ev’s

Costs of an ev

Price of an Ev option costs High then to Buy a petrol or diesel option. The best example of this is Tata nexon.

Tata Nexon with Petrol Costs  8.15 lakh to  15.00 Lakh ( ex- showroom)

Tata nexon with Diesel Costs  11.10 Lakh to 15.80 Lakh ( ex- showroom)

On other side Nexon ev costs 14.49 Lakh to 19.49 Lakh ( ex- showroom)

So if you are looking up to save some bucks then you should think & calculate all the expenses, you’re car’s running  is less than 500km minimum then it’s not that Vfm option to buy an electric trim. unless  you want futuristic feel & support green n clean energy then can go for ev whether you’re running is low or high.

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